Know what you're ingesting, one ingredient at a time.

What's so awesome about it?

With so many health and nutrition applications out there, what separates NutriCheck from the pack?


Barcode scanning technology makes looking up a product's ingredient information as easy, quick and reliable.

Product Database

The Open Food Facts' product database supplies NutriCheck nearly 40,000 products from around the world.

Healthy Alternatives

NutriCheck will point you in the direction of similar products with clinically proven healthy alternative ingredients.

What To Expect

Get stoked for the sliced bread of nutrition apps.

01. Customize Your Diet Needs

NutriCheck pays attention to your own personal nutritional needs. Whether that be allergens, diabetic issues, or gluten intolerance, we have you covered.

02. Ingredient History

Keep track what you're putting in your body over time.

03. Exhaustive Search

Find any product or ingredient you could ever dream of with an advanced search tool that lets you filter by brands, categories, and product nationality.

04. Compare Products

See how similar products compete side-by-side with an in-depth ingredient breakdown and analysis.

05. International Registry

Like to travel? NutriCheck inclues food products from over 110 countries.

06. iOS/Android Support

App support is covered on all major mobile operating systems. Well, just those main two.

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